Just a few of my favorite things...

1) My Family

They are my rock, and more specifically my peanut butter & jelly... you know that thing you love regardless of the kind of day you are having. They are my biggest supporters and love me unconditionally. Although they are a little crazy, they are my favorite thing in the whole world. 

2) My Husband

He fills my heart with joy. He is the strongest, most compassionate man I have ever known. He is everything spicy, and I am all things sweet. We normally see things differently, and thats why we are so perfect together. He is sensible and level headed while I'm passionate and chasing fireflies. The one thing we always agree on is we are not sea food people, we are pasta and pizza almost always. 

3) My Birthday

People have always said this was just a phase, but people were wrong! I LOVE my birthday!! I love getting woken up at 12:01, with my family calling to wish me the best day. I love my birthday breakfast, and I love that I get to do anything I want because it's my birthday! And when I can't celebrate my birthday, I love celebrating other peoples birthdays. I just love birthdays in general and I don't think I will ever out grow it. 

4) Road Trips

I love living in Maine, but I also love going on adventures, and exploring new places. Road trips are my favorite adventures because you never know what amazing things you are going to get to see and experience. So far my all time favorite road trip was to Arizona! If it's not on your bucket list of places to see, you should add it to your list! 

5) Summer

The sun, the lake, and s'mores around the campfire are just a few reasons summer is one of my favorite things! 

6) Coffee

My husband calls it an addiction, and my kids have my coffee order memorized... they even know who my favorite baristas are at Dunkin' Donuts. Luckily there is no shortage of Dunkin' locations in the area, but in a pinch lots of sugar and really good creamer will tide me over!!! 

7) Camping

Growing up we did not have a lot of money but somehow every year my parents found a way to take all of us (my two sisters and three brothers) camping.We would drive nearly 4 hours to stay in tents and a lean-to for a week at Moosehead Lake. It was the best week, and to this day I love camping. I will admit we now stay in a camper, but the s'mores around the campfire are the same; Nabisco graham crackers, with a perfectly golden brown marshmallow cooked over hot coals, and six squares of Hershey's chocolate. 

8) Game Night

We are just a little competitive when it comes to games, but it's all in fun. We have a lot of favorites, it just depends on who is playing. Monopoly, Cribbage, Battleship, and Labyrinth are a few of the ones the kids LOVE! We are also big fans of Spoons, Cards Against Humanity, Corn Hole, and Salad Bowl when all our family and friends are together.

9) Cheesecake, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, & Dessert first

My favorite part about Valentines Day (other than it's the day my husband proposed!) is the chocolate covered strawberries Shaws always makes. I get like 4 dozen... don't judge, I share, but how can you not when they only have them once a year! On all the other days turtle or vanilla bean cheesecake are also great options. One of the best parts about being a grown up is that you can say, yup, today on this super ordinary day we get to eat our dessert FIRST! Yes I think asparagus is delicious, but I also think Big Licks ice cream in OOB should always be enjoyed before dinner. 

10) My Nikon

I got my first Nikon on my 16th birthday and I have gotten at least a half a dozen more since. I'm completely hooked!  

11) Halloween

We like Halloween so much we celebrate it twice a year! Once at camp with our epic fake halloween, and again in October on real Halloween. I think it's because you get to dress up as who / or whatever you want and there are no expectations. Every year it's different and somehow it's always better than the year before. 

12) The Gilmore Girls

I would like to make it clear I was a fan before the Netflix revival. My favorite episode is, You Jump I Jump Jack. If you are a fan we can totally chat over coffee, but I will warn you, I will forever be team Logan. I am also a big fan of all things chick flicks, and every now and then throwing in a good action move or occasionally a horror film (especially around Halloween). 

13) Jodi Picoult Books

When I have time, I LOVE to read! Jodi Picoult is my favorite author, and Audible is one of my favorite apps. I can at least listen to books on days I just don't have the time to read.

14) Home Made Pizza

In high school my first job was making pizza at a convenient store. I was not even old enough to operate the oven, but I got really good at streching dough and adding toppings. To this day it is one of the few things I actually know how to cook.

15) Fresh Flowers

Who doesn't like getting flowers? Having fresh flowers in the house always puts a smile on my face. Calla Lilies are my favorite! We had white Calla Lilies at our wedding, and they were one of my favorite details. I also love giving flowers just as much as I like to receive them. I often get flowers for my husband just to remind him of how much he means to me. When in need of something to give, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.  

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