Get to know a little about me, and a few of the things I love.

I believe that dreams are worth chasing, because we only get to live one life, and when I look back on mine, I want it filled with moments I experienced fully. I love deeply and laugh passionately. I pour my heart into all that I do. I believe in marriages that last forever, and creating family traditions that will be celebrated for generations. I believe in looking for magic when moments seem ordinary because our everyday becomes our entire life. I believe there is value in honesty and holding the door for the person behind you. I believe good outweighs evil, and creating a life and a love that will endure the most challenging times, is worth working hard to hold onto. More than anything I believe love should be celebrated, documented, and cherished. 

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My Love Story

I walk towards Michael with goosebumps on my arms (I'm freezing) I cross my arms over my body making an x across my chest. I shrug my shoulders and lean against my husband. Instantly he takes his hands and rubs them up and down from my shoulder to my elbow, while I lay my head on his chest. He wraps his arms around me, warming me up and keeping me safe, as though he is my personal furnace. I look up at this amazing man who knows me better than any other person. Who knows all my flaws and loves me anyway. I kiss him softly and wrap my arms around him. This life we have built, this love we have, is so much BETTER than anything I could ever dreamed of.  

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