Erin & Gary 4.24.16

Weddings are more than just a day on the calendar used to mark each anniversary. A wedding day takes months of planning, but before the planning can even begin someone has to take the first step. 

When Erin and Gary met they simply went on a casual walk. That walk led to Erin giving Gary her number, and I am sure when he finally got up the nerve to call her, he never dreamed he would one day call her his wife. A wedding day is not just about two people falling in love, it is about two people who have loved each other so strongly they have managed to rise above the stress and bring their families together for a celebration.

When Erin & Gary asked me to photograph their wedding, I was truly honored to be invited to witness such an intimate moment with so many raw emotions. Weddings never seem to go exactly as planned, no matter how much carful preparation goes into each detail there are always things that we have no control over. Months before I photograph a wedding, I too am planning. I have been listening and taking notes about the small details that make each wedding so unique. I pray for sunshine and huge puffy clouds because I know the ceremony is going to be held outside in a beautiful quant park in Massachusetts, on an early spring Sunday afternoon. As a photographer in New England, I also know the weather is one of those things we just cannot control. Finally April 24th had arrived and like a child on Christmas I opened the curtains of my hotel room praying to see beautiful, white puffy clouds, but instead I see the bluest, brightest sky. There were no clouds, not one single cloud in the sky, and as I turn to my husband with a look of hopeless disappointment he says, well at least it’s not raining. He of course was right.

Excited to see Erin and her bridesmaids getting ready, I made my way to her hotel suit. When I arrived they were all so calm, relaxing, listening to music and getting their hair done. I don’t think Erin could have asked for a better group of ladies to help support her, not only on her wedding day but for all the months leading up to it. There were so many small details I wanted to capture, from Erin’s dress hanger and jewelry, to her clutch and room card, but what I wanted to capture the most was the amount of love each of the ladies had for Erin that morning. I was thrilled to listen to them joke and tell stories while watching them help each other with their makeup and jewelry. It seemed like they had all the time in the world to get ready… until the front desk called to let them know the limo had arrived. They had 20 minutes for finishing touches and to get all of their dresses on.

As we walked out of the hotel room it all started to feel so real. During the limo ride there were toasts made, photos taken, and vows memorized. It was like being part of a VIP club.

As we pulled up to the entrance, Erin was greeted by her soon to be mother in law with her bouquets for the bridal party. 

I entered the ceremony to find Gary was waiting for his stunning bride. As Erin & her dad started walking down the aisle Gary's face beamed with joy. They shared vows they wrote for each other and were quickly pronounced husband and wife. 

The entire wedding party was amazing! They all gathered at the gazebo for a few formal photos, and you could see by the expressions on their faces, they could not have been happier for Erin & Gary. We made our way around the park, stopped at the castle and then it was time to let loose at the reception. 

Family and friends worked hard all morning to make Erin’s vision come to life. There were so many handmade touches, from the centerpieces, to the glasses made for the wedding party. Everything came together to make a normal reception hall an event their guests would never forget. What I think people will remember the most was the toast Erin’s son unexpectedly made. He talked about when he first met Gary, and how happy he made him and his mom. He was so genuinely happy his mom and Gary were finally getting married. This small child spoke so maturely, without knowing it, he created a moment too private to share with the world. A moment I was honored to capture for the bride and groom to cherish for a life time. 

After dinner the couple shared their first dance, and it was only fitting Josh would join them. The evening was filled with laughter, dancing, and just a few tears… I have been told that is the perfect recipe for a successful wedding.  

Erin & Gary I hope you enjoy these photos. Please share them with your family and friends. I will have many more for you in the coming weeks. Feel free to leave your comments below and express your congratulations to the newly married couple. I wish you both a life time of happiness.