John & Ybeth Wedding at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, in Windham Maine

John and Ybeth's wedding day was simply beautiful. The ceremony and reception were held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, in Windham Maine. Even though the sun was not shinning in all its glory, John and Ybeth had their own glow, filled with so much love. As I walked into the church, I was greeted by John’s grandmother, who was so sweet. All of the 16 guests who attended the wedding were so kind and welcoming. It felt as though I had been invited into an exclusive club, to capture a timeless love. 

One of my favorite moments was of the ring bearer. He is Ybeth’s nephew and only speaks Spanish, but lit up as soon as I took his photo. He was fascinated with my camera and even wanted to capture a few of his own images. It was only fitting for him to test out the bride’s camera prior to the ceremony. 

John and Ybeth’s bishop grew up in the same town as John, and was a perfect fit for their intimate ceremony. John and Ybeth had written their own vows and one thing Ybeth vowed to John really stood out to me. She vowed to kiss John passionately everyday. During a marriage your love is tested. There are days when things are not perfect, but if you hold onto the passion you felt for you groom (or your bride) on your wedding day, your marriage and your love will continue to grow. John & Ybeth, when that not so perfect day comes I hope you remember this one vow. Regardless of what is happening in your lives, I want you to kiss each other with the same passion you felt on your wedding day. Every husband and wife should kiss passionately everyday. 

After the ceremony the bride and groom stepped outside for a few photos of just the two of them. They were so relaxed and so caring about each others needs. I just remember thinking how comfortable they looked holding each other. It was so simple but so fitting for the kind of couple they are. Their love is so pure and honest, that emotion is what made their wedding day so magical. 

John and Ybeth were announced as husband and wife to their friends and family and had their first dance as a married couple. Despite the language barrier and a few differences of culture this wedding brought two families together. Dinner was prepared by Ybeth and her family. This amazing couple put so much time and energy into every detail of their wedding. They not only made the food and decorations, but Ybeth also made her wedding dress. Her dress was stunning and looked amazingly beautiful on her.

After dinner there was a moment with the ring bearer and the flower girls. The girls were coloring when the ring bearer came over to play with them, and even though they spoke two completely different languages they managed to understand each other.   

The families prayed, and a speech from the brides father was emotionally translated by the bride. It was a day blessed by God and filled with love. I feel so blessed to have been part of it.