Lambert wedding at Spring Meadows Golf Club Gray Maine

I can hardly believe Kirstin and Ryan are officially husband and wife! They had an amazing wedding, the entire day was simply perfect. I meet Kirstin with her bridesmaids and family at her parents home. I loved listening to all the stories about how they met Kirstin, and how growing up, some of them basically lived in the same house they were now getting ready in. Kirstin's maid of honor, and now sister in law, Ashley made each of the girls personalized hangers for their dresses. It was very clear that Kirstin's bridal party could not have been happier for her. Her wedding dress was truly elegant covered in beautiful detailed beading. Her hair and makeup could not have looked any better for her wedding day. 


Kirstin was a little nervous as we got ready to meet Ryan at Spring Meadows in Gray Maine for their first look. He was waiting for her on the back porch of the barn they would later be married in. As soon as they saw each other the nerves settled because she was standing with the love of her life, in that moment when it was just the two of them the rest of the world fell away and all that mattered was the commitment they shared for each other. 


During the ceremony the reverend talked a little about the barn. He had everyone look around them pointing out the ceiling and the beans working to hold everything together. He explained to us that there were no nails holding this support system in place yet this barn had been standing for many year. He told Kirstin and Ryan their love was a lot like those beams, there is nothing forcing them together but it will be what holds their marriage together for just as many years. It was one of the best ceremonies I have listened to.


After the ceremony we took formal photos. I do my best to make these photos fun. I want everyone to look back and remember being happy, but never have I been so touched by a wedding party. Prior to the wedding Kirstin told me how important it was for her and her family to get photos with her brother Matt. He is in a wheelchair and he does not smile and look at a camera, I told Kirstin not to worry, I have three brothers in wheelchairs and I know that it is hard for the outside world to capture and see their happiness. As we were taking photos Matt wanted to sing, it is what makes him happy and so the entire wedding party along with the grooms family did just that. They sang him twinkle twinkle little star and you could see how happy he was in that moment. It was an amazing outpouring of love not just for Kirstin, or Ryan but for their family. This wedding party had a genuine love for this couple, they had an amazing bond and it is a wedding day I will always remember. 


After all the formal photos were taken we went inside the country club banquet center for introductions and toasts. Ashley talked about all of her amazing brothers and finally having the sister she always wanted. Ally said this marriage better last because planing the wedding almost killed her. Everyone laughed so hard because they all know Ally doesn’t have anything to worry about. The reception was perfect from the dancing to the sparkler send off. I have a feeling Kirstin and Ryan’s marriage will out last the barn they were married in.