Adam & Malorie - The Rich's wedding at The Barn at Silver Oaks Estate

My favorite love stories are original. They start with two people who seem ordinary from a distance, but once you get to know them, you see a love that is fierce and perfectly imperfect. Sometimes we can get so caught up in perfection, we forget the best moments are the unplanned. The best memories aren't perfect, they are genuine and filled with real emotion. 

When I met Adam and Malorie, I knew this was the kind of love they have. From a distance they seem like two ordinary people, in love, but they have the BEST hearts. They are giving, and always thinking about the people around them, and at the end of every day they have a love that is rare and incredible. They share a love built on a friendship that was an honor to witness, and their wedding day was filled with so many moments that filled my heart with joy. 

Malorie got ready in the bridal sweet, at The Barn at Silver Oaks Estate. One of my favorite details was the dress! Don't get me wrong, all wedding dresses are stunning, but Mal's was just a little extra special. The lace, the beading, and all the buttons added to it's elegance, but the best detail was knowing Malorie was donating her dress to create Gowns For Angels. These gowns are given to families grieving the loss of their baby who never made it home from the hospital, and this seemly small gesture gives each family a little peice of love during a time that feels hopeless. Malorie spent months planning every small detail, and she was beaming with joy as she got ready for the ceremony. 

Before the ceremony we had the chance to capture a few formal photos. Normally I focus on capturing the brides excitement, but Adam and Mal's precious daughters had clearly been counting down the days to their parents wedding, and I could not resist capturing a few fun moments for them. I have a feeling these photos are going to be ones the girls treasure as they grow up. Who knows, they may even be incorporated into their weddings someday, but for today their happiness is going to bring smiles to many faces.  

You could see the joy on everyones faces, as Malorie walked down the aisle. She stood under a beautifully decorated arbor, with a man who is clearly her rock, her support in all that she does. His one goal for the day; to make her happy. Normally I look at the ceremony as the beginning to a life of commitment to one another, but this couple has been building a life together for years. They have been committed to each other, and to building a family that they put first on so many occasions. This day was about celebrating the two of them. The ceremony was a not just about their commitment, or starting to build a life together, it was about celebrating their love sourrounded by their families. 

Adam and Malorie, I hope you always love like this, I hope your goal everyday is to simply make the other happy. It does not always have to be so grand or over the top, just something simple to make the other smile. 

The reception was held in the barn, and had the most beautiful touches that hinted to their theme of love and basketball. The evening was filled with dances, and stories that made it clear Adam and Malorie were always meant to be together. It was the perfect way to celebrate a love that is real, and sure to last a lifetime. Adam and Malorie, it was an honor to capture your two families becoming one. The way you care about other people and each other is something this world needs more of. I hope these pictures remind you of how much LOVE filled the barn on your wedding day.