Abby & Eamon Maple Rock Farm Parsonsfield, Maine

When I first met Abby and Eamon at The Speckled Ax Coffee Shop, it felt like I was catching up with old friends. We talked about our dogs, and our family, and eventually we got around to talking about their wedding. I knew right then how much I would enjoy working with this wonderful couple. Abby and Eamon’s proposal was beautiful, and while I love a good proposal story, how they announced their engagement to their family is what I will always remember. One of their Thanksgiving traditions is to write one thing you are thankful for, and Eamon wrote “she said yes”. What a beautiful way to tell your family you are going to marry your best friend. It was obvious their family is a big part of their life and they wanted to make sure everyone was included in the celebration on their wedding day. As they described all the wedding day details, it was clear they just wanted to create amazing memories as they started their life together. 

Abby and Eamon were married on April 22, 2017 in Parsonsfield, Maine at Maple Rock Farm. We had hoped the day would be warm and sunny, but in Maine the weather is unpredictable. Instead the morning brought rain and the evening was chilly and overcast, but none of that mattered. The day was perfect and the rain just brought a little extra luck for them to start their forever. As I arrived, the rain was coming to an end and I was greeted by Abby’s mom, Donna. She was the sweetest, really all of their family members were extremely kind, and you could feel all of the love and joy surrounding this couple throughout the entire day. 

When I arrive to any getting ready location, I start out by looking for a place to photograph the dress and the small details that have such an important meaning to the couple. The Maple Rock Farm House was so charming, and even though the sun was not out, the house was still filled with natural sunlight. It was the perfect place for Abby, her bridal party, and family to relax and get ready for her wedding day. Throughout the planning process, Abby must have asked me 10 times to make sure we got a shot of the rings because they have a beautiful history. This image may look like a simple, and classic detail shot of the wedding rings, but I know to Abby and Eamon it is so much more. These images of their wedding rings capture generations of their families love. These rings are not only a symbol of Abby and Eamon’s love and commitment to each other, they also hold decades of stories from strong loving marriages. During the reception, Eamon’s brothers gave a touching speech, talking about how Eamon is the youngest of five children. When you are the youngest in a large family, it means you get all the hand-me-downs. I think it is only fitting that after years of receiving old cloths, and toys, Eamon has now received the best hand-me-down in his family. This wedding band belonged to his father, and while I never had the chance to meet this man, I can only imagine how proud he would be to know this ring will continue to symbolize an eternal love.

Eamon and his groomsmen got ready at the Hive, located in Brownfield, Maine. It was the perfect place to capture a few detail shots of Eamon’s shoes and tie, as well as some fun images of all the guys getting ready. His groomsmen were amazing, kind and funny. They had very different interpretations of my poses, but honestly I loved that they made the photos their own. I know they will be memories Eamon will always love and laugh about when he, and Abby flip through their wedding album.

I loved how much Abby and Eamon included their family. These three flower girls were so adorable. They were like mini brides and they loved that their robes matched Abby’s! They especially loved the clutch purse Abby gave them as a thank you gift for being part of her bridal party. They were so proud to have such an important role on such a special day!

I think we can all agree Abby is a stunning woman! Really she is beyond stunning, she is passionate, caring, and full of love. Love for her family and friends, and for life. She glowed with happiness, just as every bride should. There are so many things I want to tell you about this couple, but if you have had the honor of meeting them I think you understand what it is I am saying. This day was perfect, partly because of all the hard  work and planning that went into all the details that made this day magical, and partly because of the amount of love between them, their family, and all their guests.

Abby and Eamon’s wedding ceremony was short and sweet. Their friend Devon (and one of my future grooms!) was their officiant, their vows were short but meaningful, and their reading was a quote from Winnie the Pooh. It was the perfect mixture of serious and silly, because that is who this couple is. 

One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is when I finally get to take the couples “formal” photos. I like to start off with capturing the more traditional wedding photos, and then I want to make sure each of my couples have the chance to savior this feeling. The feeling of fun and excitement because they just married their best friend. I want them to have a chance to love each other, and hold each other and not worry about how they look in front of a camera. We started off with the very traditional wedding photos and ended with Abby and Eamon shouting to the world that they just got married! The one second after that, was my favorite moment of the entire day, because they wrapped their arms around each other and all their love poured out of them.

Abby and Eamon’s wedding reception was all about capturing memories. Every detail that was planned had so much meaning, and it all came together perfectly. From their first dance, through the touching speeches, to the nonstop dance party! Everyone at this wedding was smiling, crying, and laughing. I have to say I hope all my wedding receptions this year are just as exhilarating. Abby’s dad gave one of the best parent speech’s I have ever heard. He included stories of Abby’s childhood, and talked about the strong woman she has become. He also mentioned how happy he was she met a man who is not just kind, but who is humble, who is not just giving, but pours his whole heart into the things he does. It was clear her dad put a lot of thought into what he wanted to tell his daughter, and new son in law, and he said it all so exquisitely. After the toast, and amazing pizza, (thanks to the Fire and Company crew) there was an epic dance party! Everyone at some point was dancing, but if I had to give an award to just one person for their dancing skills, it would be Moe (Yes Moe, not Joe… sorry Joe). Moe danced with everyone! He danced for hours and he got everyone else to dance too! If I ever plan to have an epic dance party, I will be sure to put Moe on my guest list, because he knows what a dance party is all about! There are so many moments and people I wish I could include in this blog post (like Kathy, Groomsmen number 3, Abby’s roomie, and Collins thumbs up!), and while there was a point in my life I dreamed of being a writer, I am going to let the photos tell the story of this incredible wedding, because I am a wedding photographer and I think my photos say more than my words ever could.

"We didn't know we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun" Winnie the Pooh 

Abby and Eamon, I wish you many years of happiness and I can’t wait to see how your adventure unfolds! I have a feeling it's going to be amazing! 


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Vendors who helped make all this possible:

Venue: Maple Rock Farm

Flowers: Moonset Farm

Cake: Lisa Parker


Makeup: Hanna Jalbert


DJ: Dionne

Planner: Lydia

Photography by yours truly