Alyssa & Kurt Camp O-At-Ka Sebago Maine

Kurt and Alyssa were so excited about finding Camp O-AT-KA for their wedding venue. They wanted their family and friends to feel comfortable and to have a great time celebrating with them for the entire weekend. The camp was perfect with many charming buildings, and plenty of room for all their guests. Kurt and Alyssa are by far the most laid back couple and truly just wanted to spend time enjoying every moment of their wedding day. 

Alyssa and her bridal party had their hair and makeup done in the library, and her flower girls could not stop talking about how beautiful Alyssa was. Once everyone had their hair and makeup done, we headed to the farm house to capture some of the beautiful details, like the flowers, shoes, and of course the dress! It was absolutely perfect! Alyssa said she knew it was the one as soon as she tried it on, because it was so comfortable. The entire wedding day was about being comfortable and enjoy every moment. Her dress was simple but had an elegant lace detail that matched her vale perfectly.

Kurt and Alyssa wanted a simple and fun wedding, and I have to say, I think it was exactly that. There ceremony was in a small chapel filled with oak benches, and the aisles were lined with white rose petals, and mason jars lit with tiny lights that reminded me of fireflies. The gorgeous panoramic views of the trees and water behind them was stunning! The ceremony was short and you could feel the excitement pouring out of both of them. My favorite moment was the dedication they did for their parents. It was such a kind and thoughtful way to thank their parents for all the work they did to make their wedding magical. My second favorite part was when Kurt and Alyssa almost kissed mid ceremony because they are truly so in love. 

Their couples portraits were some of my favorite from the day. The lake and trees were the ideal setting to capture how in love these two are with one another. We had so much fun and only made Kurt do a few corny poses that I know his mom will cherish. His mom was the BEST! We talked during dinner about their engagement session, and how she loved the photos so much she had one put on the cake for their engagement party. So I know she and all their family and friends are going to love these photos for many years to come.

Kurt and Alyssa appreciate traditions, but like to add a little of their own personality to the things they do, and cocktail hour was no exception. They planned an extra long cocktail hour so all their friends and family could enjoy playing lawn games, before enjoying dinner. One of the most import things to Alyssa was the dinner. She wanted everyone to sit down and have a family style dinner together. Alyssa’s mom did an amazing job with all the details. She hand made dream catchers that were displayed in every window around the dinning room. The attention to details that surrounded their dinner made it feel like a fairy tail, and it was exactly as Alyssa had hoped it would be. Dinner was served family style to every table. Everyone was laughing, and everyone loved the food.

We enjoyed views of an amazing sunset before going into the reception, and a few of the kids got to enjoy the lake for the first time this summer. 

During the reception the band had everyone dancing, and the speaker sendoff was the perfect way to end a beautiful evening.

Alyssa and Kurt I wish you many years of happiness together!