Jess & Ben Kebo Valley Club Bar Harbor, Maine

I believe every love story is unique, and Jess and Ben's is no exception. They did not fall in love at first sight, when they first met, they hardly ever spoke. Even after working together on a college project, Jess did not see their relationship becoming anything special, but Ben had a huge crush on Jess, and he spent an entire summer break planning a way to ask her out. When classes started back up in the fall, Ben finally got up the nerve to ask Jess out. All his hard work paid off, Jess agreed to go out with him and after they went out to dinner Ben knew he was going to marry her one day.

Jess & Ben were married on May 27, 2017 at The Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Ellsworth Maine. Jess's dad John told me the only photo he cared about was the one of him walking his daughter down the aisle. The moments between the bride and her dad are always an important detail to me, so I assured John I would get the photo. Years ago this tradition had a different meaning, but to John and Jess this walk was moment to be treasured. As Jess got ready in the home she grew up in, I could picture her as a young girl fallowing her dad around in their back yard asking him 100 questions. I am sure for Jess some of those years passed by at a snail’s pace, but for John, I imagine they went by at the speed of light. This walk, is one of many walks they have shared together. They may have even walked down this very aisle together finding a seat for Sunday morning mass, but this walk on this day symbolized a love that only a father could know. As Jess held on to her dad looking down the aisle toward her future, you could see how proud John was to be her support, not just for this walk, but for all the moments leading up to it as well. John is a proud father and for good reason. He and his wife raised an amazing woman. Jess has a very loving personality, and I can see why Ben knew right away he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Father Joseph Cahill officiated the ceremony, and one of the things he said stuck out to me. He told Jess and Ben that they should love each other the least on their wedding day, and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly. Your love for each other should grow a little every day. Some days your love will grow more than others, and that’s ok. When you look back on the life you have built together in ten years, I hope you see just how much your love has grown.

Talking with Jess before the wedding, I knew one of my favorite parts of their day would be during the couple’s portraits. Jess talked about all the beautiful tender moments she wanted to capture between her and Ben. We stopped at Thompson Island next to the ocean, although it was windy and a little cold, it was completely worth it. It was a great setting to capture the love between them. As we arrived at Kebo Valley Golf Club, before Jess & Ben were announced into the reception, we captured a few more moments as the sun came out, which truly showcased their pure excitement!

When Jess first told me how her and Ben met she referred to them strictly as being counterparts, and one of my favorite details from their wedding was the mini newspaper "The Daily Vow" that Jess made for all of their wedding guests. As you can imagine their love story made the cover and again she referred to the two of them as strictly reaming counterparts. You see Jess did not fall head over heels in love with Ben the moment that she met him. He had to work at gaining her trust. That word counterparts kept coming up, almost every time Jess told me their love story that was the word she used to describe her and Ben's relationship before she fell in love with him. Counterpart, it’s not a word a lot of my brides use to describe their love so I looked it up. Counterparts is a noun, it’s a match; an identical part or thing, a companion, protector, a partner. Jess you may not have known as soon as Ben did that you wanted to marry him, but the way you tell your love story says, you knew from the very beginning Ben was going to be your ideal match, your companion in all of your adventures, the person who will protect you and be your partner in all that you do throughout your life.

I want to share so many of Jess and Ben's wedding details with you, but more than anything, I want you to understand how much love they have for each other.

Jess spent so much time making sure every detail would be perfect for their brunch wedding. She planned the menu, and of course there were plenty of popovers for everyone to enjoy, along with lots of delicious bacon (one of Ben's few requests). One detail Jess was completely unaware of was that her sister, who had just had a baby a few weeks prior and lives in Virginia, was going to be attending the wedding with her little family. Ben planned the entire thing, and to make sure their head count would include them, Ben insisted they add a few extra people to their final numbers just in case.

One of the other details that was really important to Jess were the flowers. A majority of the flowers used for the wedding came from their families' garden, but Jess had so many little things she wanted to add to her bouquet, she knew she needed a florist to make it. One thing she did not know was Ben is allergic to lilacs. As she described her bouquet to me about a week before the wedding, Ben just looked at Jess with a huge smile on his face and said; "it's ok, I will carry eye drops in my pocket because I want this day to be perfect" and a perfect day it was. I believe in love that lasts, and I have no doubt Jess and Ben will still be celebrating their love for each other 50 years from now.  


Jess & Ben your wedding was the perfect start to your day one, I can't wait to see what your day 18,250 looks like. I’m sure it will be filled with more love than you could ever dream of.. 

Vendors who helped make all this possible:

Venue: Kebo Valley Golf Club

Florist: Cottage Flowers in Bar Harbor

Cake: Cakes Downeast by Dawn Closson

Hair: Turning Heads Salon in Ellsworth

DJ: Mike Dow DJ services in Bradley

Dress: Morilee by Madeline Gardner, purchased at J & B Bridals in Chambersburg PA

Shoes: Jewel by Badgley Mischka (heels) and Kate Spade Keds (sneakers)

Photography by yours truly