Portland Maine Wedding

Rachel & Tim Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Portland Maine Wedding June 24, 2017

Rachel and Tim’s wedding day was like a real life fairytale. I was guided to the bridal suite, where everyone was getting ready at the Sable Oaks Marriott, by one of Rachel’s flower girls. The whole bridal party was amazing! We started off taking a few detail photos, along with some really fun photos of the bridal party, before everyone got into their dresses. Rachel said she felt just like a princess at Disney, with a line of people waiting to get a photo with her. One of the most beautiful moments was just after Rachel got into her dress, and opened the gift that Tim had gotten for her. I have seen many gifts exchanged between the bride and the groom, but this by far was my favorite. Tim gave Rachel a broken bowl that had been repaired and put back together with a gold lacquer. Many times when something breaks, we see it as trash, or we want to fix it and make it look like new again. In Japan when something is broken, they repair it with a gold lacquer emphasizing the fractures. Once its repaired, it looks more beautiful and has more meaning than it originally did. In a marriage, sometimes we face challenges, and sometimes our relationships can feel cracked or broken. This does not mean we should throw away our marriage, or try to repair it so it looks perfect, it means we should fix it to be stronger and more beautiful than it originally was. Rachel and Tim, I have no doubt this is what you will be reminded of each and every time you look at that bowl. Over the years your marriage will be pushed and tested, but if you repair each fracture in the same way the Japanese repair their pottery, your marriage will only be stronger and more beautiful because you have embraced your history.   

Rachel and Tim were married at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in Portland, Maine. The craftsmanship of the cathedral was a dream, from the stain glass windows to the details in the altar. It was easy to see why Rachel and Tim selected this church to get married in. They had a beautiful traditional catholic ceremony, complete with a reading of Corinthians. This is one of my favorite readings because it always reminds me that love is not just a feeling, it is also an action. We choose to love and to be loved, without love we truly have nothing. This marriage between Rachel and Tim has been built on a strong foundation of love, that is sure to endure all things.

Capturing the couple's portraits just after the ceremony is one of my favorite parts of the day. I love them because my couples don’t ever just stand and pose for portraits, they truly get to enjoy a few moments just loving their best friend. They get to celebrate, and simply enjoy being in love. These are just a few of my favorite images of Rachel and Tim. They had a few serious moments. They were a tad silly, and also a little tender. In all of this you see love, and you feel love, between two people who have promised eternity together.  

The reception was the perfect mix of elegance and fun. The details told Rachel and Tim’s story perfectly. I loved the cake toppers, and jam jars, but mostly I loved that they were surrounded by their friends and family. Everyone laughed and cried during the toasts given by the best man, and maid of honor, and after dinner everyone was out on the dance floor celebrating. I am sure this family will be celebrating this love for generations!